Sweaty Bands

Sweaty Bands

Ladies, this one’s for you.  I have had a life long love-hate relationship with headbands.  Love the idea of keeping the fly-aways in check while pounding out a 400m run or rocking out some pull-ups.  Hate the fact that every headband I’ve ever encountered either a.) didn’t not in fact work, or b.) made my head hurt. Really bad.

Enter Sweaty Bands.  A lovely colleague and fellow athlete introduced me to Sweaty Bands a few months ago, and they’ve changed my (workout) life.  Tons of colors, multiple styles, and they actually stinking work without giving me a migraine.  Can’t recommend them highly enough!  Get ’em online at sweatybands.com (super-fast delivery) or check ’em out at bettysport here in Austin.

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