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“Paleo” Dark Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Scrambling to put together a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day? Well, even if you’re not, dark chocolate covered strawberries are a relatively guilt-free little indulgence for any special occasion (or dinner party!).  They couldn’t be simpler to make – I hesitate to even call it a “recipe.” 🙂 Hope you like ’em!

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Lotsa love around here!

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day, everyone!  I’ll admit, the hubby and and I are not huge fans of this particular holiday, but it turns out that we’ve got a lot of love to celebrate this year.  We’ve been married now for just over a year, and we’re super, super excited to be expecting a new baby together later summer!

Being pregnant (for the first time!) has thrown me for a little bit of a loop when it comes to how I eat… I’ll admit I’ve been indulging in some old favorites, and although they were a nice treat for a while, they reminded me how my old way of eating kinda made me feel like ick most of the time. 😉  So, I’m kicking off my 2nd trimester back on the wagon, and it really does feel great.  My goal is to CrossFit throughout the pregnancy, and I need the right kind of fuel for both me and the baby to be at our best, in workouts and out.

Any fellow Paleo mamas out there? Would love to hear how you’ve done it and what resources you’ve found!

PS – Still trying to sort out a fun little treat for Valentine’s Day (that doesn’t involve boxes of sugary sweets)? Check back tomorrow for some super simple dark-chocolate-covered strawberries!