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48 Hours in England and a Drop-In at CrossFit London

Just flew in from London, and boy are my arms tired…  I mean my brain. I mean my neck. I mean pretty much every part of me.  I just got back from a super-quick business trip to London over the weekend, and my poor body doesn’t know what hit it! Here’s what the last four days looked like:

  • Flew out Thursday night and arrived in the UK on Friday morning (sat in the cheap seats, so I only got about 1-2 hours of sleep)
  • Worked from the hotel during the day Friday and was able to drop in at CrossFit London for a jet lag-busting workout (more on that below!)
  • Worked all day Saturday and took my team out for a fab dinner at the Spice Market (short ribs! slow-cooked ribeye! yum!) in central London
  • Spent the entire day Sunday flying back to Austin (long, long day, but… I did get unexpectedly upgraded to business class on the Heathrow-JFK flight – woohoo!)

Needless to say, I’m ready to get back into my food and workout routine – that much travel is just hard on the body.  I will admit that I wasn’t 100% Paleo over the weekend, although I was pretty darn good.  My biggest non-Paleo indulgences were dessert on Saturday night at the Spice Market (it was simply too good to turn down!) and a couple of pints of lager with my team.  When in Rome, eh?

I did get to enjoy the very Paleo-friendly English breakfast during my stay… these guys do bacon right:

English Bacon and Eggs... Yum!

One of my very favorite parts of the trip was getting to drop in at CrossFit London over in the East End.

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Working on My Mental Game

I would bet that those of you out there who’ve undergone a significant physical transformation (losing weight, gaining muscle, even changing your hair color…) have experienced this:

Even though you’ve changed dramatically on the outside, you still feel like the same old (pudgy) (sluggish) “you” on the inside.

Even though I know intellectually that I look different than I did a few months ago, a lot of the time I still battle that internal negative self-talk that comes from years of being dissatisfied with my physical self. I have days when I feel like the girl in the picture – I hit the gym ready to kill it, KNOWING that I am powerful and strong. But, there are a lot of days when I still feel like I’ve always felt… pretty strong, but too soft and scared to really push myself physically. It’s funny… a few times since I’ve lost the weight, I’ve caught a glance of myself in a store window and not realized it was me.

My brain is just having a tough time reconciling old me (on the inside) with new me (on the outside). It can be tough to internalize and embrace after so many years of insecurity, and I know that working on this mental piece is going to be just as important as diet and workout to make this a lasting, lifelong change.

So, when I had the opportunity to bid on a portrait session with Tim Bougie of Bougie Photography about a month ago (as part of the Silent Auction for CrossFit Central’s ongoing Habitat for Humanity build), I jumped on it… and won! This was right around the time of my most recent body comp, where I learned that in just two months I’d dropped a full 12% of my body fat… I was looking for a way to document all the hard work and help work on that mental piece – really looking at things from an objective standpoint and internalizing them.

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Sweaty Bands

Sweaty Bands

Ladies, this one’s for you.  I have had a life long love-hate relationship with headbands.  Love the idea of keeping the fly-aways in check while pounding out a 400m run or rocking out some pull-ups.  Hate the fact that every headband I’ve ever encountered either a.) didn’t not in fact work, or b.) made my head hurt. Really bad.

Enter Sweaty Bands.  A lovely colleague and fellow athlete introduced me to Sweaty Bands a few months ago, and they’ve changed my (workout) life.  Tons of colors, multiple styles, and they actually stinking work without giving me a migraine.  Can’t recommend them highly enough!  Get ’em online at (super-fast delivery) or check ’em out at bettysport here in Austin.

Welcome to PaleoBetty!

Nicole - PaleoBetty

Me and my wonderful hubby, P.J. Life is good.

Hey out there… my name is Nicole Tanzillo, and I’m a foodie.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved cooking, baking, and most importantly, eating.  My tastes varied from the simple pleasure of (gasp!) Kraft Deluxe macaroni and cheese to the more sophisticated experience of truly amazing sushi to the caffeinated joy of a crisp, cold Diet Coke.  I’ve always enjoyed cooking and baking, and I even had my own successful cake design business for a few years (Wicked Cakes).  I regularly cooked five course meals filled with pasta, cheese, and carbs, and I loved hosting a good dinner party.

What did all this get me? 

30 extra pounds of fat on my frame, constant heartburn, sleeping problems, and chronic allergies.  Despite the fact that I was a pretty regular runner, I just wasn’t able to keep up with the excessive consumption, and my health was suffering.  While I was content to live this lifestyle in my 20’s, I could see that this was not a sustainable lifestyle.  I recognized that this was not the kind of mother I wanted to be, and that I was limiting my own potential and happiness across all facets of my life.

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