I was introduced (peripherally) to CrossFit about two years ago (must have been in 2009)…  My baby brother (and by baby, I mean 10 years younger than me – he’s actually a good half-foot taller than me and solid muscle) had been doing it while at SMU in Dallas (shout-out to Dallas Central), and he was in the best shape of his life.

Not going to lie… although it was obvious that this CrossFit/Paleo lifestyle was working for him and making him super happy, I was so not into it.  I’m a huge fan of air-conditioning, and while I was a high school athlete (varsity swimmer) and a decently active adult, I was just not ready to jump into something I perceived as hard core, painful, and intimidating.

CrossFit Central

Fast forward two years to about four months after my wedding to my fabulous hubby.  I’d lost a fair amount of weight before the wedding, but the honeymoon kicked off an eating and not-working-out spree that packed 10 pounds right back on. Ugh. No bueno. So, finally, at 31 years old, I decided it was time to make a change.  After seeing my little bro for a few days when he was visiting Austin, I decided to make the leap and signed up for the Elements class at CrossFit Central here in Austin. Ben Flores and Carey Kepler were my Elements coaches (could you ask for better??), and they got me on the right track.

I absolutely lucked out and landed in John Del Peral‘s 7:30pm M/W/TR co-ed class.  Under the supervision of John and the fantastic David DeLeon, I’ve jumped fully on the CrossFit bandwagon.  Check out the About page for more info on my transformation and evolution… it’s been quite a ride.

Me at the Spartan Challenge

This is me doing my first Spartan Challenge. 3 weeks after starting CrossFit. I'm hurting real bad here.

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